Patient Reviews in Kingwood, TX

“I wanted to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome, easing my fears, and being so professional, kind, and compassionate. In just two visits, you have eased my dental fears — I thought I could never go to a dentist again! I could not have found a better place! I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. The injections hurt less than I have ever felt before.”
— Betty

“I have been seeing Dr. Scott and his fantastic team for well over ten years. I have never had an uncomfortable experience; in fact, all I ever experience are smiling faces. They are absolutely the best ever! I recommend Dr. Scott to all my friends and colleagues.”
— Sharon

“I have been a long-term and dedicated customer. It has been a real comfort knowing that you are there to assist me in managing my dental care. So when you told me that I needed a tooth extraction, I had little concern with my path forward. You explained the options, the pros and cons, and assisted me in making the best decision for my health. There was no anxiety or concern whether we were doing the right thing. The procedure itself was painless and the recovery time has been minimal. Dr. Scott, you are the best! (Jan is a great dental hygienist also!)”
— Phil

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Scott’s office since 2013. He and his staff are extremely nice and caring for all of their patients. My whole family comes here. Every time I go, they’re always on time to my scheduled appointment and I rarely ever wait. His whole team has been in the industry for a long time and they’re very knowledgeable. I love going here! They make you feel like family!”
— Angela R.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Scott since 2005, and since the day I walked into their office for my first visit I was treated like family. You are greeted by the front desk with a friendly smile and hello, and wait times are always minimal for your appointment. As you walk back to the chair, everyone on the staff that you see greets you with a smile. They are always honest with the issues and Dr. Scott takes the time to answer your questions and explains what he is going to do. I have had work done from a cleaning to a full root canal, and have always appreciated their treatment and hospitality. My entire family are patients of Dr. Scott; I do recommend them to anyone I know that needs a good, honest dentist.”
— Charles B.

“I’ve been with Dr. Scott since he came to Kingwood in 2002 and will be forever. His office is quiet and comfortable and his staff is compassionate and talented. Over the years, Dr. Scott has replaced old fillings that fell out or were swallowed, diagnosed mysterious toothaches, cosmetically fixed a chipped front tooth I hit with a hammer in my youth, and saved two cracked molars with crowns (which are now my favorite, perfect teeth). My wife just told me to mention the two dental implants he installed for her — they are working great. Dr. Scott always puts me at ease by explaining exactly what he is going to do and what I should expect. Very reassuring. Oh yes, and I love my new night guard — hopefully, no more cracked molars! Shout out to Jan, the best hygienist ever (okay, I’ll floss more). Conclusion: Dr. Scott is a great dentist and practices his craft to perfection.”
— Steve

“I have been a patient of Dr. Scott for 13 years. I appreciate the great dental care he gives, and that Dr. Scott and his staff look at each patient’s individual needs. In addition to myself, my children and spouse have gone to Dr. Scott for years and in every dental situation, our questions and concerns have been answered and explained in detail, with a calm and unhurried attitude by Dr. Scott and his staff. On the rare occasion of after-hour care, Dr. Scott’s personal call back was quick and comforting. Dr. Scott and his entire staff are professional, yet warm and inviting.”
— M. Burton

“I can honestly say that Dr. Scott and his staff have become like trusted family members over my 13+ years of experience with them. There is never even a moment of anxiety leading up to a trip to his office for any sort of procedure. Dr. Scott is gentle, caring, and insistent about providing high-quality, pain-free dental work. The referrals he has made to specialists also meet his high standards. There has been almost no employee turnover in his office over the years, which speaks for itself. In fact, I think that I have had the same dental hygienist since my first visit. His entire staff goes out of their way to get to know you and make you feel comfortable. They are obviously all dedicated to their boss and the example he sets. The office works like a well-oiled machine and I can’t recall EVER waiting longer than five or ten minutes for a scheduled appointment. He is one of those medical professionals that will keep you living in the Kingwood area because you don’t want to accept any other alternative! I suspect that he has maintained this small, one-dentist practice precisely to provide an outstanding patient experience every time you visit.”
— Jim

“Dr. Scott has been my dentist for more than a decade and has always displayed the highest levels of professionalism, knowledge, and concern. He is an excellent doctor and I have personally recommended him on multiple occasions to friends of mine.”
— John D.

“Dr. Scott has been my family’s dentist since 2008, when my orthodontist recommended him without hesitation. Since then, we have had the best care from the doctor, dental technicians, and office employees. I highly recommend Dr. Scott to anyone looking for a dentist in the Houston area.”
— Warren M.

“My husband, Barney. and I are so lucky that Dr. Derek Scott set up his dental practice in Kingwood. We have been patients of his for more years than I can count, and have been delighted to recommended him as a very fine dentist to our many friends. He is a dedicated, concerned and, may I say, gentle dentist. But the dental office is not just Dr. Scott; he employs wonderful staff members who are super efficient, diligent, and caring. I’m grateful that each time I visit, I know I can depend on Dr. Scott, and his staff, to treat me as if I was their only patient. Many thanks, and I highly recommend Dr. Scott.”
— Cecily R.